About this blog

Northfield, Minnesota has no shortage of folks with opinions. I’m one of them and am pleased to share some of my ruminations with the world. Subjects will vary, but there will be a preponderence of postings on the physical nature of my community and region looking for answers to the question, “How did it come to be this way?” I invite any readers to share their thoughts and responses with me.

I’m Dan Bergeson and a long-time Northfield resident. I spent most of my childhood in Northfield, went to college here (St. Olaf), returned some years later to raise a family and now work at Carleton College. I’m an avid cyclist, amateur musician, and new boat owner. I have spent a couple of terms on the Board of the Northfield Convention and Visitors Bureau and am currently on the Board of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation. I’d be happy to share other details with anyone who’d care to know, but going on here is not necessary.

You can contact me directly at bergeson@northfieldwifi.com . Oh, about the photo: that’s Ole E. Rolvaag and a colleague taking it easy on the St. Olaf College campus some time back. Mr. Rolvaag was the author of several bestselling books including “Giants in the Earth” and the grandfather of two current St. Olaf professors, Solveig Zempel and Torhild Homstad. Rolvaag is the guy on the right.

Welcome to my blog.



  1. Does smoking a pipe provoke deeper thinking?

    • I used to think it did. Now that I don’t do it anymore, maybe my thoughts are shallower.

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