Posted by: Dan Bergeson | May 30, 2012

They’re Cutting Down Trees

Homeowners need to periodically trim branches on their trees due to age, disease, storm damage, and the like. I’ve done some of that myself on our lonely little acre (we’re surrounded on all four sides by corn and beans) because we have an abundance of trees, some of them quite mature. We’ve lived in the country for 20 years and occasionally I also see our farmer neighbors felling a tree or two, mostly due to disease (Dutch elm disease has been rampant in the recent past) or damage from high winds.

But this spring I’ve seen tree removal on agricultural property happening on a much larger scale and I’m not sure exactly why that would be. The photos I’m posting are all within a mile of my house, but from the seat of my bike I’m seeing it all over the county. My wireless provider did some maintenance for me recently and he acknowledged that he’s observed this phenomenon as well.

I figure it must be one of two things. One might be an attempt to find more tillable soil, but the sizes of the felled areas really aren’t individually that big. Another could be that turning the monster machines they use to plant and harvest without risking damage to their equipment necessitates cutting down trees outside the perimeter of the field.

I’m not sure if either of these reasons are correct, but it’s been a strange activity to watch.

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