Posted by: Dan Bergeson | April 11, 2011

Political equilibrium at what price?

Let me get this straight. Legislators in our nation’s capitol have been striving to avert the halting of the engines of government  over a disagreement involving reproductive health care for poor women. This has got to be a high point in the evolutionary history of democracy. Where do we go from here?

Apparently, in a context of a $14 trillion national debt and negotiations over $40 Billion in spending cuts,  the arguments of the past week have involved some millions of dollars of federal funding for Planned Parenthood chapters throughout the country. Minnesota stands to win/lose $3.7M in funding for 2011.

The rhetoric over this issue (as in many cases in the current political climate) revolves around the word “abortion”. Ironically, this particular argument  is about title X legislation, which does pay for pap smears, breast exams, and birth control for poor women, but DOES NOT pay for abortions, no matter what the talking heads say. So the stalemate has been total political theater. What bullshit.

We were about to furlough 800,000 federal workers, not pay our military service people on active duty and shut down parks, museums, and other federal sites because we thought it was unecessary to provide medical assistance for women below the poverty line who cannot pay for reproductive health care on their own. Good on us.


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