Posted by: Dan Bergeson | November 27, 2010

Denver Streetscape

Mind you, this is one post where I’m not going to be critical. I recently visited Denver, CO and was impressed with the streetscape elements I experienced in the downtown area. We were going to visit a local bookstore, The Tattered Cover, and parked across the street at  Union Station, the rail hub of the city. Outside the terminal we found this wonderful array of bikes for rent.

A new idea for me is the concept of bike lockers. It seems so sensible to provide lockers to protect bikes from the elements and the potential for theft for those who ride regularly. It would be more convenient to provide indoor, secure bike parking, but if that’s not possible, this is the next best solution and Denver already has it.

Traveling up and down 16th St. in front of the bookstore was a fleet of buses with bike racks and kneeling technology so that riders don’t have to step up to enter the bus. Wonderful stuff.

The tree grates in the sidewalk were at least a foot above the topsoil in which the trees were planted so the possiblity that they could be disturbed by trunk or root growth seemed very remote. What a refreshing idea!

We saw good signage, kiosks, and sidewalk furniture and flower pots for aesthetic appeal. I don’t know the whole Denver story by a long shot, but the downtown streetscape elements were OK by me.




  1. We need the Large tree movers in Northfield. For some reason, the powers that be do not believe it possible to plant trees along the street…even though they had to cut down healthy ones when they did the infrastructure work. How can we get trees like these?

  2. […] November I attended a conference in Colorado and for the short time I was in Denver I got some photos of their ride share program at a depot across the street from the Tattered Cover Bookstore. In June of this year I spent 24 […]

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