Posted by: Dan Bergeson | November 5, 2010

The Left Over Bits

There seems to be no end to the stuff that gets forgotten and then “we hope nobody notices.” Take this sign, for example. It sits on a property on the north edge of town and is left over from a supper club called “Florella’s” that was on the site in the 50s and 60s. There has been no restaurant here for at least 40 years and yet, this forlorn former sign is still upright, signifying nothing and looking pathetic. Why hasn’t anyone removed it?

Next door to this sign is a former drive-in restaurant which has also been non-existent for about the same number of years and yet, the corrugated metal roof which sheltered the cars waiting for and enjoying their food is still there. It serves absolutely no purpose and looks absurd, but I guess that doesn’t bother anyone but me. Oh well.

A redevelopment site called “The Crossing” had tremendous promise about five years ago. Then the real estate market went south and the property tanked and was foreclosed. We’re left with a half-occupied residential building, a half-occupied commercial building, and half of the  total property that is still undeveloped. The undeveloped part is not well-cared for and there are some things about it that I don’t understand. What I don’t understand is why the city doesn’t seem to have any leverage to get whomever owns the undeveloped parcels to at least keep them tidy. It doesn’t seem like rocket science to make that happen, but again, doesn’t anyone but me notice or care?

The one that ticks me off the most, however, is a pedestal for a gas station sign that hasn’t existed for over 50 years. I mean, what on earth is the reason that no one has removed this eyesore in all that time? Laziness? Expense? I know the property owner is very frugal, but come on! It’s embarrassing to anyone that cares about the aesthetic of our town. You can do better Mr. Lubbers.

It’s especially frustrating given the thriving business on the opposite corner of this busy block that has recently invested a substantial sum upgrading its exterior.

Thank you Dale!


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