Posted by: Dan Bergeson | October 24, 2010

Flood Cleanup Takes Time

In my previous post, the cleanup from the 2010 Cannon River Flood had just started. It will be a month tomorrow since the 36-hour rain event created record flooding in the Cannon River watershed and the recovery effort is well underway.

Downtown Northfield had several businesses that sustained flood damage and one that was totaled by the water. The commercial/residential development north of 2nd Street know as the Crossing had a significant amount of sand deposited on the river bank and in the plain just behind the main building.

Carleton College had the most significant single instance of damage in the community. The first estimate of  loss was $3.2 million. Yesterday, that was revised to over $5 million. Most of the financial loss occurred to buildings and athletic facilities.

But some of the recovery effort involves restoring the practice fields north and west of the West Gym. The river deposited over 6,000 cubic yards of sand on that acreage. That translates into approximately 350 dump truck loads. Crews spent the past five days corralling this sediment and hauling it away.

The last part of the process involved sweeping the area in the mechanized manner of clearing snow from a sidewalk. It went on monotonously for hours. The biggest question of the season at this point is, “How Come it hasn’t snowed yet?” That would make cleanup and recovery efforts considerably more difficult.


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