Posted by: Dan Bergeson | October 13, 2010

Hazmat suits in Bridge Square?

OK, I’ve been AWOL from this blog for longer than I care to admit, but I’ll admit it if it will make you feel better than I feel. At any rate, here’s what I want to talk about:

Last Sunday I was rolling through downtown Northfield and spotted this guy in a yellow hazmat suit. There was yellow caution tape around Bridge Square and he was spraying something on the ground in the square.





There’s been a lot of unique activity in town since the beginning of the Flood of 2010, but most of it has been right on the river or in buildings within about 20 yards of the river. When I asked the guy’s colleague what he was doing, he said that they were spraying a sanitizing agent on the sidewalk. I didn’t question that until I walked away and then it occurred to me that the water never got as high as Bridge Square. I didn’t get to ask the next obvious question “How Come?” because they drove away.

Before they left, I was able to ask them about all the silt I’ve seen deposited along the ground where the river went beyond it’s  channel. Specifically, I’m curious about how the practice fields at Carleton College will get relieved of the 2″-8″ of dirt that currently covers the grass. The guys from Eco-Blast told me that they will use high pressure hoses to put the silt into solution and they suck it up and haul it away. This I’ve got to see. Haul it in what and deposit it where?


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