Posted by: Dan Bergeson | August 1, 2007

Wow, that was quick!

In my June 8 post about a vacant Northfield building, I wondered why no one was actively promoting the sale of the property. Outside of a listing on the Chamber of Commerce website, there’s nothing. You couldn’t tell by driving by the outside of the building that it was for sale.


However, when I went by there on my Saturday bike ride, there was a freshly planted Premier Realty sign. I can’t claim credit for this apparent emergence from MLS limbo, but I will express excitement at the prospects and the hope that a buyer will emerge that will be a perfect fit for the property. In addition to this opportunity, there are 26 or 27 acres across Armstrong road that are owned by the same company and there’s a matching for sale sign on that parcel as well.

Come on down!


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