Posted by: Dan Bergeson | June 13, 2007

Northfield can learn from Dundas


It’s so gratifying to see the progress on the Dundas, MN trailhead for the Mill Towns State Trail. There are many reasons to celebrate the progress and one of them is the way that the asphalt for the bike trail has been laid separately and alongside the concrete sidewalk. This methodology could be significantly helpful to the Northfield City Council as they deliberate the placement of sidewalks along Lincoln Parkway between Cannon Valley Drive and North Linden Street

So far the debate has been centered on whether to place sidewalks on both the south and north sides of Lincoln Parkway. I think that the debate should be about how to accommodate both pedestrians and bicycles, even if the solution for them both occurs on the same side of the street. My personal feeling is that there’s plenty of room to add bike lanes in the street and restripe the car lanes, but if the city doesn’t want to do that, then this is a good alternative. It’s certainly safer for young children going to school.



There is easily enough room next to the sidewalk already in place on the north side of Lincoln Parkway for an asphalt bike path. What a great way to accommodate both walkers and bikers safely, especially if the bikers are children on the way to school. It would be fine with me if there were sidewalks on both the north and south sides of Lincoln, but if there are concerns about budgeting for this project, then the most economical solution is to put multiple use pathways on the same side of the street.





I hesitate to complicate an already emotional issue, but I’ve advocated for several years that there could be an asphalt bike/skate path on the shoulder of the drainage canal that runs east/west at the northern edge of the Greenvale Elementary School property. Howard Merriam (no longer on the Northfield City Staff ) and Spenser Jones can attest to this. If such a pathway did exist AND there was a bike/skate path next to the sidewalk along Lincoln Parkway, what a terrific loop for neighborhood residents to enjoy year round! People, we can do this for our own benefit! All it takes is an interest in your own self-interest.




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