Posted by: Dan Bergeson | June 6, 2007

A Fresh Coat of Paint Would be Nice

If you’re like me, there are regular opportunities to ask yourself, “why does it have to be this way?” In the case of this lonely bench (which I pass multiple times a week and have done for years), I keep wondering if the poor thing will ever receive a new coat of paint. It’s serviceable as is (someone clearly trimmed it up so that the broken back piece wouldn’t injure anyone), but relatively unpleasant to look at.

My good friend, Griff Wigley, likes to play the game of “where is this place/object?”. I won’t keep you in suspense about my bench. It’s on the grounds of Greenvale Elementary School so I’m assuming it should be maintained by the school district. However, it abuts a city sidewalk so maybe it’s the city’s responsibility. Maybe someone out there can enlighten me.

In any case, my question about paint remains and while we’re at it, maybe the sawed-off back piece could be replaced at the same time.


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